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The Conference Advisory Committee invites submissions to host a Symposium as part of the Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference 2023. The Committee will select symposia based on their relevance to the conference theme and fit with the program.



Symposiums will be held face-to-face during the official conference days within pre-determined dates and times. Please note, whilst the conference is of a hybrid format, symposiums will not be lived streamed through the conference portal. We welcome symposium speakers to pre-record their session to be made available in the conference portal for virtual delegates. If no pre-recording is available, only face-to-face delegates will be able to view the presentations at the conference venue. The session can only accommodate speakers in the room (virtual speakers cannot be connected live into the room to present). 

All presenters and symposium hosts will need to register and pay to attend the conference.

A symposium can be defined as a cohesive cluster of paper presentations, a workshop, an active panel discussion, debate, or an interactive or skills-based session. To attain cohesion, the symposium should focus on a specific topic from the conference topics listed and emphasize conceptual issues and the integration of findings. Symposia are organised by submitters and are submitted as a group of presentations.

A symposium is required to be interactive in nature, and a large portion of it may be devoted to a dialog among the presenters and the discussants, questions and discussions among all those present, or a small-group interaction. Symposiums will have a total of 90 minutes for presentations and discussion.

The symposium session should seek to bring together the best available expertise on the topic under focus, and generally should include contributors from a range of different institutions, disciplines or research groups. It is NOT intended to be an opportunity to showcase the work of a specific organisation, institute or research group. Diversity among the contributors will be encouraged and welcomed.

Symposium expressions of interest closed Sunday 12 March 2023, at 11:59pm AEDT
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